Rebirthing your Feminine

Why rebirthing your Feminine?
There is a deep longing!
Rebirthing is a process of embodying your true feminine nature on every level!

Owning your femininity fully without pushing back the masculine part. Instead, finding a way to dance with both more truthfuly, more creative, more loving and more aligned by honouring, sensing, empowering, cleansing, knowing, trusting and acting your true feminine nature.

You rebirth yourself each day!

All of your cells in your body constantly die and grow new. After two years the liver is completely new, after ten years your skeleton. But Rebirthing your feminine is far more than the scientific perspective: You have an inner primal knowledge of birthing! The process of birthing - rebirthing self - is accessible in your day to day life, too. You give birth to your projects! You give birth to realize your goals and intentions! You give birth when you get your shit done! You give birth each day on some level when you wake up and just be who you truly are! I am talking about your experiences in your daily life. Especially when being surrounded by an environment of rush and pressure.


How to show up in these circumstances and how to change these? I am talking about experiencing your life from a divine aligned, fulfilled, feeling alive – place. Not from a place of being limited by the intellect or social norms but from an ancient knowing place. From a deep surrender into the beauty of life with full consciousness.


Its one of the most powerful things in life. You have choice, always!

You want to meet your desires? You want to get access to the wise part within self and want to stop following what others tell you to do? You are sick of taking another look in feeling stuck? You feel there is more, more of you, more to express of yourself? You want to stop to pretend? You desire a feeling of being fully alive and free? You are ready to stop lying to yourself? You are ready to meet your divine potential? You are ready to take full responsibility for your feelings and want to take action?


First of all we need to stop pretending we are the better masculine! We need to stop copying the day to day power game of goal setting and achieving in a focused straight linear way! We are f… no better men! We dont want that either, right? We need to stop denying a core part of self! We as women need to act in a truthful feminine way to express ourselves soul aligned. This is a natural way how to manifest our desires, how we attract the solutions of challenges, how we magnetize living our core nature, how we open up to our divine potential and feeling fully alive, not locked down, not narrowed, not suppressed but free. There is another way to act in our day to day circumstances! There is a nature aligned way! It has got effects on how we think, how we feel, how we act, how we sense and how we speak, how we radiate in our presence.


How to step into our authentic self as a woman? How to rebirth our true feminine?
The feminine way is a birthing process, a snakelike way, a weather-pattern-way, coming in waves, in different rhythms, contracting - expanding, in curves, with suttleness, with playfullness. Its intuitive, wild, intense, unpredictable, emotional, light and deep...This is not a better way than the masculine! No! It is just different, a way which is aligned with our true nature to be able to live our divine potential. We need to honour that!

We all conscious beings know that diversity is a key for growth, for creativity, for education, for wealth, for love, for peace in our society. But why are we so often acting like machines? What about infusing our lives with more uniqueness?

What about bringing in our individual expression of self into our work-life and social-life?


How would that look like? How would that feel?

Birthing your feminine each day means following your own true lifeforce in the moment, your intuition, your receptivity, your inner knowing, your wildness, your radiant presence, your sense of change, your emotional depths, your freedom, your vulnerability, your unique sense of pace, claiming full spaciousness, roaring your truth with grace, being creative from wombspace, to release, to letting go off, to nourish, to love unconditionally, to nurture, to connect, to claim your juice, to live your sexual power each moment, to radiate your inner light and truth. Lets start to make your inner state of being, your vibration your priority in life. Lets feel deeply your sacred essence, your inner power with an open heart to Be your true self!


Owning your space, your true nature and embodying it! Birthing your true feminine – releasing and creating in your natural cycles and pace, honouring this process to create your true reality within and without.

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