Process of stepping out of limitations
Discerning what is nessecary to grow through and what are distractions. Sometimes we tend to jump on almost each train passing as another challenge we gotta work through to be able to build maturity in self. But this brings us out of center and creates a state of feeling drained. The truth is we are not serving self nor the environment. Instead of absorbing stuff from the outside, we gotta learn to keep it simple and choose the truth again and again.


"The trick is to care deeply about everone while not caring what they think."

The truth that we are limitless and free in any moment to think abundantly. Sure we all know there are so many unconscious limitations running through our systems, we even dont have a clue that they are playing out. So we are sometimes simply not able to truly choose as our limitations sabotage our choices. But we are able to train ourselves to release what we are carrying, knowing its not ours without denying the old patterns. It takes not huge but steady constant actions.

Starting with creating space in our daily circumstances like taking a breath after a person asked you a question and reminding self who you truly are. A huge support are tools to tap deeper into the unconscious realm of self and expressing what is arising through the physical (sounds, breath, movement, emotions) to move the stuckness in self. Learning the art of self mastering physically and mentaly. Our discomforts become our own unique guides to grow into ourselves, to walk and embody our truth.

Honouring self no matter how you experience any moment.

This is not ego. This means embracing whatever is.
This is the opposite of ego- no judging, no blaming, no guilt but simply compassion for self and the experience. This opens the gate to build compassion for our environment.
Creating a cycle of love.


To embody core wisdom, inner truth in our daily lifes we gotta experience it.
Sensing it with every part of our being. No mental knowledge can give us this. We need to feel it physically in our bodies! Taking deep breaths, leaning back, keeping the spine straight and allowing self to breath the body open, to simply feel, to sense what is true for you, whatever this might be. The more often we practise this in our daily life, the easier and quicker we feel what´s in our highest good in that moment. We train ourselves to distinguish. Trusting this truth and following it, acting upon it, creates huge space for us to truly live our beauty on every level and the whole dynamics around us shift. Doesn´t that really mean being alive?

Another perspective

On the path of embodying more truth we face our inner rubble often so nicely in our environment as a huge playground for our soul growth.
Imagine being in a chaotic circumstance (e.g. people are pissed at you...). You might ask yourself: What went wrong, what is here that I need to heal or change in self? This can sometimes be helpful but I feel its not the whole truth. It can also create a trap when judgements/ mental analyzing from a place of lack occur. And there is more.
This is not a one way street!
We are not just being mirrored by others. We also unconsciously create space for them so they can show and express their shadows, which gives us (our higher self) the opportunity to hold space, to witness (even if we are the projection screen) and to forgive. I mean that we allow us to see through the chaos, through the shitty behaviour in front of us and do not jump on the pain/ anger/ wanting to change wagon.
This is not special. We all are this light.
We all have the capacity to hold space for others. This is the best protection I feel, because we refuse to play with what is happening in front of us. For me personally it created so much space, so much compassion for self and my environment. We can use authentic forgiveness to create love around us. We know this. The knowledge is sitting in our bones.

Sacrificing self and ego judgements
An observation: Sometimes you come along a person and have a feeling of NO but you stay in connection because you wish the atmosphere could shift but it is not getting better, you feel tight somehow... Later you catch yourself realizing you have judged the other person and start to make yourself responsible for the weird atmosphere (within so without) But there is something else. Something else came before the mental judgements. There was a feeling, a sensing of NO (an energy which does not serve your truth somehow) without labeling the person, it was a feeling of tightness, a lack of freedom. Thats it. Actually you acknowledge the loveless atmosphere has been created by an inner frustration of simply not saying No. What to do with it? Well, what about honouring your feelings and just saying NO with an open heart, no explaination, no apologizing? Turn around and move on.

My commitment to my truth - "manifesting your dreams
When I witness some commercials about "manifesting your dreams now", something weird in my system accours. A feeling of not being good enough, a need to rush, to hurry to realize my dreams as others have been realized theirs, a feeling of lack, of not doing the right things now or doing something wrong. Sometimes this feels similar to consumer comercials on TV where a situation is just created to convince the viewer to buy a certain product now to get a solution. Yes, I so much love to realize my desires now and at the same time I feel something is off.

THE TRUTH! I understand on a deeper level that manifestation in accordance to our will by itself is not the truth. It is simply not. Why?

Because who said to manifest the idea X, Y or Z? Who decided what to manifest and when? Who is that decision maker? Feel into self. Is this the real true you? The love in your self? Is this your soul speaking? Or does these decisions come from a place of inner need, a need to get something, a need to feel better, a need to cover a lack? How do we know what we truely want when our soul is still covered up by wrong and negative beliefs and we act mostly unconsciously? Beliefs which we needed in the past to be save but which prevent us now from living our true potential? Manifestations alone can be negative or positive. Its like energy. Whats important is how we use it. How do we think? How do we manifest? Just another get or a deeper sense of truth.


I do not want to create my life from a place of lack, from a place of rush or from a place of need. This time is over. I do not buy the white sugar anymore. I live my true juice. And hell yes I have deep desires. Above everything I wanna live my truth, nothing else. This sucks sometimes, this hurts sometimes but this is my soul desire to embody the real and true me who I am.


And this means it needs time and consistent practice! You might say but time is an illusion. Well, how do you teach this your energetics and your physical system? How do you teach your mind to give up all false beliefs in a day or in a month? This does not change over night. This is a lifelong process and needs consistent practice, uncovering layer by layer, walking deeper and deeper to pull out the roots. Some patterns where created in this life, some patterns we carry from our ancestors, some from our national identities, some from human history. These old toxic patterns were build over hundreds and thousands of years! Yes, we can change these really quick, some in days, some in months and some need years to rewire the whole system. And some might never be transformed because we are humans. This means to me we gotta create space and time to learn what we need to learn. We can not rush through or skip the experiences we need to feel to build the soul confidence to be able to embody our true potential.

And something else is missing. I do not create core truths by dictating what to manifest where and when. I have wishes and gotta let them go the same time, handing them over to shakti. I truely dont have a clue about my full potential. Even if I have a glimpse I will only be able to embody it when I am ready, when my system learned what it needs to learn. I just gotta choose day in and day out to say yes. Yes to evolve, yes to surrender, yes to honour this journey, yes to learn and yes to be in full service in deep reverence of my soul, of shakti, of the divine. Because we are not the water nor the fuel. We are the faucet, an extension of divinity.

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