Unsere Realität fordert uns heraus. Wir begegnen Situationen, die uns vielleicht überfordern, verärgern oder besorgen und können ein inneres Unwohlsein hervorrufen, das sich in Lustlosigkeit, Schlaf-störungen oder einfach in ständiger Unzufriedenheit niederschlagen kann. Wie schaffen wir es den Alltag für uns zu nutzen, um sich innerlich lebendiger, reifer und selbstbestimmter zu fühlen?

Stepping into a deep connected, new way of Being through Sacred Traveling! Yes, we will bring all together!

Deep energetic embodiment work in different places of Croatia and Slovenia combined with blissful celebration of life and sacred gifts in deep service of self, of nature, of the earth and bringing this new embodied radiance home into our daily lives. This video allows you to plunge into the energetics of our Travel Event in May! I talk about my intentions, my commitment, what is possible for our time together and a wider context of our work, how to shift current dynamics in life from reacting to riding the wave of change, the wave of our core nature. All details about our event find on the eventpage https://facebook.com/events/s/sacred-travel-celebration-meet/795436577594747/?ti=as .

This second video allows you to plunge even deeper into the energetics of our Travel Event in May! I talk about divine essences contained in nature, divine timing, soul guidance from the unknown, personal experiences regarding to Croatia and Slovenia.

We change our reality with our thoughts consciously and unconsciously. Quantum physics tells us that the world is not a constant, its a place of a constant motion which our individual and collective thoughts keep building, tearing down, and rebuilding.

Walking our path of evolution, we sometimes meet people who initiate us experiencing painful situations. If we find space to stop projecting our pain to the other and truly dig deep into self, we realize this was a gift to grow. The more we open our hearts, the more denseness flushes out of our systems and the more we grow into our own inner soul aligned guidance to embody our own mentor.


13min meditation

Experience your TRUE foundation by BEING ROOTED INTO THE EARTH! Following your body. Feeling your connection to the Earth as the source of lifeforce, as YOUR source. The meditation brings you into the present moment by simply feeling the Earth. You may become relaxed, you may feel your body on a deeper level, you may tapp into your inner wisdom. Having both feet on the ground is essential to be able to attract our desires, to manifest them in our day to day lives.


Through living our emotions, we own our core power of feminity. It feels vulnerable and defenceless. This defencelessness is our true safety because we pull out the truth. Through expressing our emotions freely in an innocent way, we simply show our big heart and share our deep massive love for everything which and who surrounds us. We touch the softness and the truth in self and others, we create beauty and soul connection. Living our true emotions sets ourselves free.


Pulling up the unconscious, feeling it, witnessing it, acknowledging old protections and blind spots in self and catching them in our daily actions and thoughts! This is the place where deep transformation happens. They prepare you to embody your soul nature. Once we change our attitude toward them and no longer see them as our burden, but recognize them as our guidance, as our unique teacher, we create so much more curiousity to really get to know ourselves. We feel more connected, more aligned and grateful for what is. We build more trust in life and allow to release control and limitations to create more space for love and truth flowing through our bodies and into our daily lives.

To manifest something sustainable in life, it has to come from a place of inspiration. This honours the divine within self, your inner wisdom, your inner flow. Ambition as willpower arises from a limited part of self. Letting go of ambition and allowing life to be ambitious for you. Being open to the outcome is an essential part. It means truely surrendering. Realizing your desires through doing the work, excitement and joy opens you up to thrive, to create from soul and things just start to happen.


Becoming aware of the illusion of competition and comparison as one of the big judgements we have in life. Witnessing self in this is often not easy but necessary to change the vibration of our being, to change unwanted habbits, to bring core changes into our daily lives. The unique-expression-heart meditation connects us with this realization on a physical, emotional and energetical level to anchor it into daily life.

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